Alphabetical listing of member Groups





Beaufort Companye
The Company of Saint Joseph
John Nesfield's Retinue
Neville Household
Sir John Saviles' Household
The Border Levy
English Free Company
Knights Hospitaller
Northern Alliance
Sir William Stanley's Household
Buckingham's Retinue
Fahnlein Uri
Knights in Battle
Ormond Household
Suffolk Free Company
Cavalry of St George
Fauconberg Household
Les Routiers de Rouen
Oxford Household
Thomas Stanley's Retinue
City of Rochester Levy
The Ferrers Household
Lincoln Castle Garrison
Plymouth Medieval Society
Throckmorton Household
Clarence Household
Guild of St Edmund
Lord Burgh's Retinue
Red Wyverns (Cliffords)
Tudor Household
Companie D'Ordinance
Harrington Household
Marcher Freemen
Rosa Mundi
Woodville Household
Company of Canterbury
House of Bayard
The Montgomery Levy
Sir John Myddleton's Household