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The Border Levy

The Border Levy is a C15th re-enactment group based in the Welsh Marches that specialise in Living History displays, archery talks and demonstrations and take part in events of all sizes throughout the country. Within our group we have a Barber Surgeon, a Blacksmith, a Bow maker, a fletcher, a cook and a spinner/weaver. We are able to tailor our displays to meet your requirements. On average we attend 15 shows each year either on our own or joining up with other groups at the larger events. The variety of events we attend is wide and varied, everything from school fetes, town centre events, historic sites and large multi society events re-enacting specific battles or time periods. We are members of The Wars of The Roses Federation. Within our membership we have re-enactors with over 25 years experience and lots of contacts within the re-enactment world and would easily be able to "add" extra attractions to what we already offer including knights in combat, black powder weapons and even Jousts if required. Please feel free to contact us and we will happily discuss any ideas that you may have for your event.

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