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The Company of Saint Joseph


The Company of Saint Joseph is a group of professional historical interpreters and living history specialists based in south east England. Our patron saint, Joseph, symbolizes our dedication to the artisans, craftsmen, tradesmen and everyday people so often missed when looking at our past.We have concentrated our attentions to the 15th century, most commonly 1470 - 1475, but can work outside this period.Our displays and demonstrations include all aspects of 15th century life, and we also represent the martial aspect of the 15th Century through Man-at-arms and Archery displays.
For larger scale medieval events, where we fight as a household, alongside other groups, such as at Tewkesbury and Bosworth, the Company has adopted the identity of retainers of Sir James Tyrell. Tyrell was a staunch Yorkist and loyal servant of Richard of Gloucester, who subsequently became Richard III of England.

Born about 1445 in Gipping, Suffolk, James Tyrell spent some time serving the Duke of Suffolk, John de la Pole, in minor roles. He fought for the Yorksit cause at the battle of Tewkesbury and was knighted on the field by King Edward IV

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The Lilly - symbol of the Company of Saint Joseph.

The Arms of Tyrell