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English Free Company

The English Free Companye (EFC) is a living history and battle re-enactment group made up of individuals who aim to portray English mercenary soldiers of the 15th century returning from Europe to fight in the Wars of the Roses which took place intermittently between 1455 and 1487.

The camp consists of individual households who unite under the banner shown below, the Agnus Dei. The group belongs to the Federation of the War of the Roses and attends events all over the country.

The EFC is predominantly a medieval archer group but has other specialist soldiers such as gunners and men-at-arms. The group also welcomes craftspeople who would have been found in European mercenary bands. We display a military camp living history, medieval combat skills, equipment, and archery displays. The EFC give medieval archery talks and try to make what we are passionate about accessible, enjoyable, and educational to the public.


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