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Knights In Battle Medieval Society is a Sheffield based group specialising in bringing medieval history to life. Our goal is to produce an excellent appearance and a high quality of entertainment at public events. We perform at heritage sites, at shows and galas, at hotels and town centres across the Midlands and North of England. The Society represents the household, i.e. the soldiers, captain, cooks, armourers and other camp-followers of John Howard who became Duke of Norfolk in 1483. Howard was a staunch Yorkist, a friend of Edward IV and Richard III. He led Richard's main battle at Bosworth Field against the usurper Henry Tudor, where he died with his King. For more details see the Howard Household Timeline. We also stage a 13th Century Foot Tournament between chainmail armoured knights. In this show you can be a gallant knight, squire, lord, lady or peasant in an action packed clash of arms. However we also get a chance to play Lords and Ladies, Monks and Nuns, Merchants, Farmers, Peasants and Undesirables at a variety of venues. We hope that the information on these pages will give you a flavour of the Society and interest you enough to make you either want to join us or hire us........and maybe join in with the mayhem on the streets...

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