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The Montgomery Levy


The Montgomery Levy is a society based in mid-Wales and the borders of medieval re-enactors, living history demonstrators and professional educators.We are all volunteers. The association can draw upon many years of re-enactment and living history experience, combined with theatre, youth activities and teaching from its membership and was established in 1999.
The Levy portrays the various foot soldiers of the feudal host employed during this period. These range from the levy of ill trained and ill equipped serf’s to the retained men at arms and archers. Living history and combat demonstrations of weapons and armour portrays the life and experiences of these troops whilst on campaign, enduring a siege or garrisoning a castle. A range of crafts and trades are also demonstrated to show the methods of producing the mass of goods needed to service the medieval army; including metal work, leather work, carpentry, clothes and a field kitchen.
Impressions focus on the troops arrayed at the castle in the town of Montgomery and we have adopted the badge of the town for our flag...the crossed keys of St Peter, continuing to wear the distinctive blue and yellow livery of Montgomery.
The group is also based at its own permanent living history site in Montgomeryshire, at the award winning restored Ty Mawr medieval hall where it stages regular events and public displays. Here the Levy is the re enactment arm of 'History Matters', a not for profit social enterprise that operates in the heritage sector.

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