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John Nesfield’s Retinue


John Nesfield's Retinue is a small group re-enacting the military and civilian life of John Nesfield's household from 1450 until 1487; John Nesfield being a retainer under Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Members participate in battle re-enactment, using longbows, polearms, swords and firearms. We also support the Battlefield Trust, regularly taking part in battlefield walks. The group includes keen horsemen and women who can demonstrate period riding technique, skill at arms and jousting. The arms, armour and clothing of both horses and riders are carefully researched to be authentic to the period depicted.

John Nesfield's Retinue portray several different social classes from commoners to artisans and lower nobility. We camp and eat authentically. Food is prepared on camp from medieval recipes and cooked over the campfire. Crafts such as spinning and weaving, basket making, rush hat making, candle making, leatherwork and making riveted mail from rings can be shown. We can also provide period music, song, and accompaniment to medieval dancing.

The group are based in the East Midlands, but participate in events both in the UK and in Europe. We belong to both Livery & Maintenance and the Wars of the Roses Federation, whose events we often attend. New members are welcome, including families, and a limited starter kit can be made available. Please email us or visit our website if you would like to know more.

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