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The Neville Household


The Neville Household is a Sheffield based group that re-enact life and battles from the War of the Roses in the fifteenth centaury. We travel the country during the summer weekends to put on displays for the public that are both historically accurate and entertaining. We have a close affiliation with the Sheffield University Medieval Society and most of our new members join via this group. We welcome all new members, regardless of whether you are a student or not, and will help you with the training and kit you need to participate.

During the winter we train with weapons from the period to ensure that our members are safe and competent. Both women and men can participate on the battlefield with us as bill men, archers, standard bearers or water carriers. The only prerequisite is that they are appropriately dressed and safe. Winter is also the time when we make the majority of the clothes and kit needed for the summer displays or do the research to learn new skills and crafts. We take safety and historical accuracy seriously and work hard to maintain both.

We use the living history camps at events to demonstrate the skills and crafts from the period. These include leather working, basket making, woodworking, trading (spices, wooden goods and games), net making, spinning, weaving, and cooking fifteenth centaury fare on open fires. Members of the public are actively encouraged to watch the demonstrations, talk to the re-enactors and ask questions. We play medieval games, which the publics are welcome to join in with and we often set, up a replica reliquary, which you can visit. On top of this we participate in weapons displays, tourneys and the battle that is the highlight of the day.

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