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Plymouth Medieval Society

The society spans the period 1400 to 1485, concentrating on one of the most exciting and turbulent periods in our country's history.

At home, we portray the period when Henry the Fourth usurped the throne. The Percys of Northumberland put down both Scottish and Welsh rebellions, before rebelling themselves in 1403. The new King's Son Henry V renews his claim to the throne of France and this leads to a renewal of the ‘Hundred years war’. With the death of Henry V, his infant son is crowned King of England and France and the realm is plunged into a bitter civil war, which later became known as the Wars of the Roses.

Whilst away, we change our characters and armour to portray Wars of the Roses soldiers fighting for the Lancastrian cause against the Yorkist armies. We can usually be seen supporting the Beaufort retinue at the events around the country.As well as the combat side of the society, the society also has a dance group, who portray nobles in period costume dancing to the music of the time. There is also an option to enter our camp to see inside the medieval tents where the Lords and Ladies would have lived whilst on campaign or at tournaments. Whilst there the public are encouraged to try on the armour and handle the weapons, to get a view of what history was really like.

Our members have worked as extras in both film and television and have displayed for both English Heritage and Cadw at castles all over England and Wales. However, the pages of history are littered with great battles fought far away from the big castles and the society has followed the footsteps of our ancestors on the great battlefields such as Flint, Tewkesbury, Berkeley, Shrewsbury and in the far away fields of France at Agincourt.

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