Joining the Wars of the Roses Federation

What can I do?

Listed below is a non-finite list of things you can do as a member. It is not an exhaustive list and you can, within reason, do anything which shows a provenance for the fifthteenth entury. Links to the cost and minmium kit standard are at the bottom.


Most Wars of the Roses Federation groups during public hours depict as accurately as possible living history. Most members have their own authentic canvas tents and many will be open to the public during the day. Various crafts will be undertaken by members including candle dipping, netting, sewing, blacksmithing, dyeing, rope weaving, music making, weaving, wood working, wood turning, tent-peg witling, painting, felt making, leather carving and furniture making. In addition several groups have communal lunchtime meals so that the fire range is used for cooking.


Most Wars of the Roses Federation groups have a few archers who combine together on the large Federation battles to form an archery block under one command. There are about two groups who are predominantly archery e.g. Yorkshire Yeoman. Individual groups having archers normally will erect a target area for practice archery during their event. During the battle blunts or flu flu's are used shot into the air. Direct shooting is not permissible during the battle, although some cameo shooting may be arranged for firepower demonstrations.


Some member groups of the Wars of the Roses Federation have cannon. The cannon would be crewed by the master gunner and probably two or three other members. It is probably best contact the Wars of the Roses Federation Master Gunner for advice if you wish to either become a gunner or crew. mastergunner@wotrf.org

Quite a few of the Wars of the Roses Federation groups have individual hand gunners using a pole gun, hackbut or harquebus. Again it's probably best speaking to the federation master gunner.


The Cavalry of St George is the Wars of the Roses Federation's horse group. There are also riders in various other groups within the Federation who if they qualify and wish to take part in Federation events also become members of the Cavalry of St George. The Wars of the Roses Federation uses horse at the annual Battle of Bosworth event in August where Richard III and the future Henry VII are both mounted. In order to be eligible to ride you must undertake training and you are advised to contact the Wars of the Roses Federation Master of Horse in this respect. masterofhorse@wotrf.org

Horse has also been used by the WOTRF at the annual Battle of Blore Heath event in September.


The principal infantry close quarter fighting unit in the Wars of the Roses was the bill block. The bill is an agricultural implement which was still widely used until the 1960's and can still be seen in many a bric a brac shops today. For fifteenth century warfare the bill was mounted on a six or seven foot ash pole, a forward spike added to give a thrusting element and a side spike added to give an overhead hacking element. The original hook shape of the bill could be used against foot soldiers or mounted soldiers. Used on mass this the bill block combined with other pole weapons such as the glaive and spear this remained the principle foot soldier unit until eventually replaced in the sixteenth century by the halbard and the pike. Most Wars of the Roses Federation member groups have bill blocks.

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